5 QBs The Browns Could Target If Johnny Manziel Isn't The Answer

The decision to start Josh McCown over Johnny Manziel was a sign that the Cleveland Browns don't believe Manziel is the answer to the franchise's ongoing search for a quarterback. Now that Manziel was named the starter for the rest of the season, video emerged of him partying in a nightclub with a bottle of alcohol.

This comes on the heels of a roadside domestic incident between Manziel and his girlfriend a few weeks ago, during which Manziel admitted to drinking prior to the incident. He spent 10 weeks in rehab this offseason.

It's now unclear if Cleveland will stick with Manziel as their starting quarterback. If they decide to go in a different direction, here are five quarterbacks they could target this offseason:

5. Drew Brees, Saints

This isn't as crazy as it seems. The Saints have serious cap issues and Brees' $30 million cap hit doesn't make matters easier. The Saints can swallow that massive hit, extend Brees and restructure his deal or move him and take a $10 million cap hit. If the team continues to struggle this season, moving Brees and starting a rebuilding project might be the smart choice. The Browns could take on Brees' contract, but it would require some salary cap shuffling. It's an option, but it's a long shot. If the team were to add Brees, Josh McCown would likely be gone and the team could look to add another young QB, too. 

4. Connor Cook, QB, Michigan State

Cook reminds me of Kirk Cousins, except that Cook doesn't turn the ball over quite as often. That's a good thing, although I do wonder if Cook will be better off as a high-end backup than a starting QB. He'll likely be a first or second round pick, unless something drastically changes this season, and the Browns have already looked into Cook. Cook would make for a strong second round pick, which would free up the Browns to spend their first round pick on another position. If the Browns are drafting in the middle of the first round, using that pick on Cook is also an option. 

3. Jared Goff, California

Goff is a favorite to be the first QB taken in the NFL Draft. The Browns would likely have to fall apart this season and end up with the top overall draft pick to get Goff. The Browns have enough talent elsewhere that they might not end up with a high enough draft pick, which is why Goff isn't the No. 1 option. 

2. Paxton Lynch, Memphis

Lynch wasn't a highly touted prospect before the season started, but became a well-known name after he led Memphis to upset of Ole Miss. He might not be the first QB off the board (Cal's Jared Goff still holds that honor for now), but Lynch could be a first rounder. He has all the tools to become a franchise QB thanks to his elite combination of size, arm talent, and athletic ability.

1. Sam Bradford, Eagles 

Bradford will be a free agent and he might not play for Philadelphia next year, as the two parties broke off contract talks earlier this season. If Bradford leaves the Eagles, the Browns could be his top suitor. Remember, the Browns tried to acquire Bradford from the Eagles in the preseason. Bradford has struggled at times this year, but he's still going to be the top free agent option this offseason by far. 

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