5 Backup QBs Who Would Win The Browns' QB Battle

The Cleveland Browns are letting Josh McCown and Johnny Manziel battle each other for the starting quarterback position. That's not a great battle, since McCown is a replacement level QB and Manziel hasn't done much to show he's worth starting in the NFL. The Browns' QB situation is bad. There are teams with backups who are better than the McCown/Manziel duo. Here five backup QBs who could win the Browns' QB battle.

Mike Glennon

Glennon looked sharp against the Bengals last night for the Buccaneers. He struggled last year behind a poor offensive line on a team that was missing its offensive coordinator. If he keeps playing like this in the preseason, the Buccaneers might look to trade him. The Browns should be one of the first teams to make a call about dealing for Glennon.

Mark Sanchez

I know Sanchez is the butt of many jokes, but he's still among the better backups in the league. He could easily beat out McCown and Manziel. A Sanchez-for-Manziel swap could intrigue Chip Kelly.

Matt Schaub

Schaub had the one awful year with the Texans and lost the starting job to a talented Derek Carr in Oakland. Still, he's a better and more proven veteran than Josh McCown.

Jimmy Garoppolo

Garoppolo is a Tony Romo clone and that's a really good thing. He's looked better than Manziel has and could easily beat out McCown. He's the Patriots QB of the future.

Zach Mettenberger

Mettenberger is in a tough situation. He's stuck behind Marcus Mariota and, despite how well he plays, probably won't be able to pass him on the depth chart. He's looked sharp in the preseason, which should boost his trade value. If he ends up on the trading block, the Browns should try to deal for him.

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