4 Reasons The Cleveland Browns Should Absolutely Start Johnny Manziel

The Cleveland Browns have found themselves in the midst of a quarterback controversy. Veteran Josh McCown struggled against the Buffalo Bills, completing 7 of 10 passes for just 57 yards and two interceptions. Johnny Manziel played better against the Bills' backups, completing 10 of 18 passes for 118 yards and a TD. He chipped in 19 yards rushing too. With Manziel starting to show some promise, here are four reasons why the Browns need to make him the starter.

Josh McCown? Really?

The Browns options are a 36-year old QB who isn't good and won't get better or a 22-year old QB who has a chance to develop. The choice can't be McCown. There is no upside to playing a veteran QB when the Browns aren't likely to make the playoffs and have a young QB waiting on the bench. Besides, is this really an upgrade over Manziel?

It Will Be Fun

If Manziel stinks, it'll at least be fun to watch. If McCown stinks, well, just ask the Buccaneers how much fun that was. Even if Manziel struggles, he'll find ways to garner attention. Maybe that's a crazy touchdown or an embarrassing turnover. Either way, people will want to see it. Playing Manziel might help the Browns' ticket sales just a bit as well. 

Time To See What Manziel Can Do

The Browns spent a first round pick on Manziel for a reason. He seems to be more focused this season and is working harder to be an NFL QB. It's time for the Browns to give the keys to Manziel and see what he can do. He's also a better fit for what the Browns have. Cleveland has a strong stable of running back, so letting Manziel run a few read-options will help the Browns move the ball. That's something McCown can't do. If Manziel can show some potential, then perhaps the Browns will have finally found a franchise QB. If not, then it's time to find a new QB.

No Risk

The worst-case scenario is that Manziel is terrible and the Browns have a high draft pick to spend on a new QB. If the Browns play McCown and don't let Manziel have a chance, then they won't truly know what they have with Manziel and we'll have this same debate again next season. Look, the Browns aren't going to the playoffs this season. So if Manziel is terrible, then the Browns will be in a great position to take a new QB. If Manziel shows promise and leads the Browns to a few wins, then Cleveland can get him another weapon or two in the draft. Either way, playing Manziel is the best option for the Browns' future. 

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