4 Easiest Games On The Browns' 2015 Schedule

Every game during the course of an NFL regular season presents a challenge, but these next four games are the closest thing to a breather the Cleveland Browns will get in 2015. Here's our list of the 4 Easiest Games On The Browns' 2015 Schedule.

4. @ St. Louis Rams (October 25th)

Todd Gurley should be a beast in his rookie season under the Gateway Arch, but we're still not sure what to think of Nick Foles as a "franchise QB" and the defense softens considerably after you get past St. Louis' massive D-line. This isn't exactly a cupcake road game, but it could be worse.

3. @ New York Jets (September 13th)

If Geno Smith somehow escapes camp as the starting quarterback in New York, this could be one of those fun, Bizarro World games where thousands of Jets fans opening root for Browns pass rushers to knock Geno out of his cleats. New York's defense is on the come-up, but the offense remains a dumpster fire with Smith under center.

2. Tennessee Titans (September 20th)

There are big things ahead for 2014 Heisman winner Marcus Mariota, but he'll be working behind an offensive line that has been in flux since the start of the decade. Mariota is effective out of the pocket, but that's not going to translate when his linemen can neither start nor finish blocks in the open field.

1. Oakland Raiders (September 27th)

The Raiders are starting to peek their heads out after a decade-long loop of Groundhog Day futility, but the offense is still a couple of playmakers short of mediocrity -- even with first-year WR Amari Cooper patrolling on the outside. In addition, the team is looking to an oft-injured enigma (DJ Hayden) to be its #1 cornerback and an array of overpaid cast-offs to fill out the gaps in the defense.

They'll be better, but not by much in 2015.

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