2012 Cleveland Browns Draft Guide

The NFL draft is about 48 hours away. Watching the draft becomes increasingly more exciting the more you know about the prospects, your team, and the rumors. If the NFL draft was a final exam, you can consider this the Cleveland Browns version of the study guide.

The fourth selection…

The biggest splash that the Browns can make this off-season is with their number four overall pick. Andrew luck and Robert Griffin are near certain selections for pick one and two. This leaves the Browns waiting to see what the Minnesota Vikings do with pick number three. The three most anticipated players to be taken in that spot are: Matt Kalil - Offensive Tackle from USC, Morris Claiborne – Cornerback from LSU, and Justin Blackmon – Wide Receiver from Oklahoma State.

This leaves the Browns with some very interesting possibilities. University of Alabama running back Trent Richardson is likely to be available. After the fallout and departure of Peyton Hillis, the Browns are missing a feature running back. Richardson has the potential to be an every down running back that could help reduce the pressure on the Browns passing game. Currently Trent Richardson is predicted to be the Browns first selection by the majority of draft experts and fans.

Another elite prospect that may be available for the Browns to select is Justin Blackmon. Blackmon has proved to be the most dangerous and talented wide receiver in all of college football over the last two seasons.  During his sophomore and junior seasons he compiled over 3,200 yards, 232 receptions, and 39 touchdowns. That college production is more than what NFL superstars Larry Fitzgerald or Calvin Johnson did in their final two collegiate seasons. An explosive playmaker is what the Browns need in order to strengthen the offense.

Selecting a receiver is a risky selection (see Braylon Edwards), but it could potentially prove to be worth the risk. I believe Trent Richardson is the safer pick and know that both players have enough talent to add an immediate boost to the Browns offense.

Wildcard: Another option the Browns have is to trade back in

the draft to gain additional players. The Browns could really hold the right to

13 selections which is the most in the NFL. The front office traded back last

year to gain these additional picks, and I believe this year we are ready to

utilize them.

The other 12 Cleveland Browns draft picks

The Browns additional picks include: pick 22, pick 37, pick 67, pick 100, pick 118, pick 139, pick 160, pick 204, pick 205, pick 211, pick 245, and pick 247.

The last five selections are very late in the draft and will be used to add depth and create competition during training camp. With their top picks, the Browns will be looking to find players to fill needs such as:

  • a starting right tackle (first or second round) – potential prospects:  Jonathan Martin – Stanford, Cordy Glenn – Georgia, or Bobby Massie – Ole Miss

  • an additional wide receiver threat  - potential prospects: Justin Blackmon –

    Oklahoma State, Kendall Wright – Baylor, Mohamed Sanu - Rutgers

  • a starting running back – potential prospects: Trent Richardson – Alabama, Lamar Miller – Miami, LaMichael James - Oregon

  • a young quarterback to come in and compete with Colt McCoy: Kirk Cousins – Michigan State, Brock Osweiler – Arizona State, Brandon Weeden – Oklahoma State

  • weak-side linebacker - Lavonte David - Nebraska, Zach Brown - North Carolina

  • corner back depth – (Chase Minnifield, son of Cleveland Browns great Frank Minnifield, is among the defensive back prospects available)

The Cleveland Browns front office has a great opportunity to add a lot of talent to the roster through the draft this year. A good draft class could be what finally gets the Browns over the hump and into the playoff race.

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