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Mets and deGrom out duel Castillo and Reds

Living in New York, there are few things I like more than seeing the Reds beat the Mets and Yankees. With the Fox Sports Ohio feed blacked-out here, I’m relegated to the TV broadcast team of Gary Thorne and Keith Hernandez, who—I must admit—can be wonderful when they get past their outer-borough bias. Knowledgeable and full of interesting banter, a baseball fan can do a lot worse.

Hernandez though—old school to a fault—hates Cincinnati Chili and thinks Joey Votto “thinks too much” at the plate—and almost never fails to mention both.

The SNY Network crew featured Castillo and his use of the changeup; how the ball coming out of his hand looks identical to the fastball while being 10, 12, even 13 mph slower.