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New “Sharif” in Town: Bengals Snag a Talented Edge LB off Waivers

At 6’4″ 250 pounds, he is described as long, and a good run stuffer. Perhaps the best thing you could say about Sharif Finch that social media has plenty of Titans fans who are not happy to see him go. Take @ferraferraez for example below

Finch joined Titans training camp during the 2018 season as an undrafted free agent out of Temple University. During that training camp Finch had to overcome the passing of his father along with the struggle of making an NFL roster as an undrafted player.

With such the story of perseverance surrounding Finch making the roster, it is understandable that Titans fans are not happy to lose him due to some roster juggling associated with resting RB Derrick Henry.