The 5 Toughest QBs The Bengals Will Face In 2015

Andy Dalton can do battle with the best of them, but the Cincinnati Bengals still have a major challenge ahead of them in 2015 when it comes to the opposing quarterback they'll see in the regular season. Here's our list of The 5 Toughest QBs The Bengals Will Face In 2015.

5. Colin Kaepernick (December 20th)

The 49ers QB has been unjustly maligned the past 12 months after he was forced to be something he was not in the last year of Jim Harbaugh's tenure in SF -- a pocket quarterback. If Jim Tomsula lets Kaepernick run with abandon once again, this'll be a VERY tricky late-season road game.

4. Ben Roethlisberger/Joe Flacco (various)

We weren't prepared to give either of these division rivals the nod as they both present major matchup trobules whenever they'll functioning at the top of their games. All we know is that we laughed when we thought about adding one of the Browns' "quarterbacks" on this list...

3. Philip Rivers (September 20th)

Contract situation aside, Rivers is the ultimate competitor and one of the more deadly pocket passers of the past two decades. With Melvin Gordon providing a youthful spark in the rushing game and a decoy when needed, Rivers will have plenty of time on three- and five-step drops to find his impressive array of receiving options from the tight ends on out.

2. Russell Wilson (October 11th)

Wilson's legs are the X-Factor, but it's his decision making and ability to draw defenses away from his targets with his eyes that makes him so deadly. There are very few who have been so clutch so young, and it'll only get tougher with him leading a Seahawks team with a Super Bowl-sized chip on their shoulders.

1. Peyton Manning (December 28th)

Peyton Manning. Monday Night in Denver. Late December. All of those are scary thoughts, but there's also the fact that 2015 may very well be his swansong. A motivated Manning is a scary Manning, and that's just who the Bengals will be getting at the end of Week 16.

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