5 Players The Bengals Could Sign To Replace Andy Dalton

The Cincinnati Bengals fell to the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday and lost QB Andy Dalton in the process. It's a right thumb injury for Dalton and he could miss the rest of the season. The best case scenario is that the Bengals get him back for the playoffs. Dalton will see a specialist later this week, and a definite timetable should be established after that. 

Dalton was in the midst of the best season of his career and he had the Bengals in position for a playoff bye. With Dalton out, the team is down to just A.J. McCarron at QB. Mohamed Sanu is the emergency QB, but he's a WR. The team will likely need to sign a QB to at least serve as the back for McCarron. 

The trade deadline has come and gone, which means the Bengals will have to sign someone off the street or from a practice squad. With that in mind, here are 5 players the Bengals could sign to replace Andy Dalton. 

5. Tim Tebow, FA

It's not going to happen. Mike Brown would love to capitalize on the ticket sales, but that's really the only feasible reason the Bengals would add Tebow. If Dalton can't play, McCarron will likely become the starter. Tebow isn't a veteran who can help McCarron and doesn't know the offense. 

4. Ryan Mallett

This likely isn't to happen, because Mallett might be more of a detriment than a help. He'd likely want to see playing time, something he won't get from the Bengals. The former Texan has some talent is worth bringing in for a workout, but I'd be surprised to see the Bengals add him.  

3. Christian Ponder, FA

Ponder has been a bust in the NFL, but he can serve as a backup. He was briefly on the Broncos earlier this month, before being waived. That shows he's still in game shape and Ponder has the smarts to learn the playbook in the event the Bengals are forced to turn to him. Ponder makes sense as an option, but his lack of familiarity with the Bengals' offense could lead Cincinnati elsewhere. 

2. Keith Wenning, Bengals

Wenning is on the Bengals' practice squad, which makes him the perfect temporary candidate for the team to sign. He knows the offense, which is a huge help. He won't be expected to do much, which is fine. Plus, if the Bengals have to turn to a third QB, they're in serious trouble. 

1. Jason Campbell, FA

Campbell could still play in the NFL, but he's choosing not to. The Bengals wanted to bring him back at the start of the season, as did several other teams. However, Campbell has elected to stay retired and the Bengals might not be able to lure him back. He'd be a perfect fit, since he's a veteran who knows the offense. Expect the Bengals to try to add Campbell, but don't expect him to sign. 

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