4 Reasons Why AJ McCarron Should Replace Andy Dalton

The Cincinnati Bengals are going to start Andy Dalton at quarterback season. He's never won a playoff game, but Dalton is the Bengals' QB. But, that doesn't mean he should be. Here are four reasons why the Bengals should start AJ McCarron over Dalton. 

More Upside

Look, we all know what Andy Dalton's ceiling is. He'll have some awful games, he'll have some good ones and then he'll lose in the postseason. He's not going to get the Bengals to where the rest of the team's talent dictates they should. With McCarron, there is at least the potential to go beyond another disappointing playoff loss. The Bengals are in the midst of a Super Bowl window and it won't last forever. Cincinnati should at least give McCarron a shot. 

No Downside

Dalton isn't the answer, so if McCarron gets a shot and fails, that's okay. If that happens, the Bengals will be in a better position to get a true franchise QB in the NFL Draft. Whether McCarron is a success or not, it's worth trying. 

Fewer Mistakes

Dalton is regressing. He's thrown for the same amount yards and more interceptions last season than he did in his first year. That's the opposite of what a QB is supposed to do. Dalton threw 19 TDs and 17 INTs last year. Yeah, his supporting cast was hurt, but that is an awful ratios. With so much talent on the offense and defense, the Bengals don't need anything more than a QB who won't turn the ball over. Dalton has proven he can't do that. McCarron has proven he won't during his time at Alabama and in the preseason. 

McCarron Is Talented

McCarron had a strong preseason, completing 11 of 15 passes. When he checked in for an injured Dalton, he played just as well with the first team as Dalton did. He doesn't have the strongest arm in the world, but he's accurate. We all saw what he did at Alabama and he can do the same with the Bengals. He doesn't need to set the world on fire, but if Trent Dilfer can win a Super Bowl, then McCarron can get the Bengals deep in the postseason. The Bengals showed a lot of faith in the young QB when they cut Josh Johnson. Cincinnati usually has a veteran QB behind its starter, but they don't this year. That's a testament to McCarron. Now, the Bengals just need to take the next step and anoint McCarron the starter. 

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