3 Reasons Why The Bengals Are GUARANTEED To Beat The 49ers

There aren't very many guaranteed when it comes to the National Football League, but we've found an exception in the Cincinnati Bengals' road game against the San Francisco 49ers. Here's 3 Reasons Why The Bengals Are GUARANTEED To Beat The 49ers.

3. San Francisco Just Lost To The Browns

We'd inclined to just drop the mic here. We will say this -- how exactly do you think this 49ers team is going to respond after being outclassed by the worst team in the National Football League? Home game or not, San Francisco is in trouble.

2. What Running Game?

Frank Gore is in Indianapolis. Carlos Hyde has been put on the shelf with a season-ending injury. Shawn Draughn is a dud, and San Francisco's running game was DOA last week, gaining just 71 yards against the Browns. THE BROWNS. You think the Bengals are scared of that?

1. Battle Of Backups

AJ McCarron vs. Blaine Gabbert isn't a marquee matchup, but the fact is that the Bengals have a much better supporting cast to support Andy Dalton's backup than the 49ers have for the constantly-underachieving Gabbert. Cincy isn't a one-man show, and McCarron will benefit from that.

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