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What — and where — is NBC Sports Channel+2? How to find the White Sox, Bulls and Blackhawks games when all 3 are on NBC Sports Chicago.

On Monday, the 6 p.m. Blackhawks at Columbus Blue Jackets game is on NBC Sports Chicago main channel, along with the usual pregame, between-period and postgame shows.

That leaves the White Sox playing host to the Cleveland Indians at 7:10 p.m., along with its pregame and postgame coverage, on NBC Sports Channel+2 (or NBCSCH++).

While it has not been unusual over the years for NBCSCH to shunt programming to its secondary channel, NBC Sports Channel+2 is an ad hoc solution to a problem created by taking White Sox, Bulls and Blackhawks games off broadcast TV and putting everything the teams can on cable, satellite or streaming services.