3 Trades The Chicago White Sox Could Make At The Trade Deadline

We're less than three weeks away from the 2015 MLB trade deadline, which means there are plenty of rumors swirling around the Chicago White Sox and what they might do on the trade market - almost all centering around starting pitcher Jeff Samardzija. Here are three trades they could make by the deadline:

Trade Jeff Samardzija to Cubs for Javier Baez

Samardzija isn't having the best year, but he's still one of the best pitchers on the trade market. The White Sox appear to be determined to get rid of him, and the Cubs would be smart to bring him back to where he started his career. Baez would give the White Sox a big, powerful bat in return, and the Cubs have shown a willingness to part with him.

Trade Jeff Samardzija to Dodgers for OF Alex Verdugo, P Chris Anderson

The Dodgers are looking to upgrade their starting rotation, and view him as a backup option if they miss out on Johnny Cueto. Anderson is a nice pitching prospect they could get in return for Samardzija, and both him and Verdugo have the potential to be playing in the majors in the next year or two.

Trade Jeff Samardzija to Orioles for prospects

If they strike out on one of the top two or three pitchers on the market, Baltimore will likely shift their focus to Samardzija. The Orioles have a plethora of talented prospects coming up their ranks, and the White Sox would get their pick of two, maybe three for Samardzija.​

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