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Andrew Romine’s DFA opened a Cubs 40-man roster spot. How should they fill it, now and later?

The last time I chatted here about assessing the Cubs’ offseason 40-man roster, that roster seemed porous. Ryan Meisinger and Jake Jewell hadn't been DFAd yet. Adam Morgan was more "old" than "effective." Frank Schwindel hadn't vaulted his way onto the "for certain" side yet. Andrew Romine hadn't been DFAd. Now that Romine is gone, there’s an open 40-man spot.

Assessing the 40-man roster, for both the November and December deadlines, seems a far more useful time-occupier, for now, than worrying about free agent signings.

Free agent signings are sexier than tendering offers to relievers. The four-year, $72 million offer (hypothetically) sends a sign that the team "is serious.