Trending Cubs News - Should Cubs "break the bank," buy rooftops?


In today's look into the world of Cubs news, one Chicago Tribune columnist believes the time has come for Chicago Cubs ownership to just purchase the rooftops around Wrigley Field in order to bring much-needed renovation to the old Friendly Confines.

Per the Tribune's Rick Telander, "the Cubs must do is break the bank and get the rooftop folks out of the picture. Pay ’em off. Fast. They’ve been low-balling the owners for months."

"This is a tough spot for the Cubs to be in, no doubt," Telander continues. "But if Ricketts and Co. have any foresight, and they squeeze every penny from their vaults, they can make the rooftops their own. They can turn Wrigley Field into an amusement park that includes two city streets and buildings galore."

The Rickettses have been trying to play hardball with the rooftop owners of Waveland and Sheffield Avenue, despite the fact that there is a valid agreement in place promising said owners a view of the game through 2023 in exchange for 17 percent of their profits.

Telander acknowledges this, and believes that the only way to bring winning, profitable baseball back to Wrigley is to finally drop the money necessary to make the proposed renovation and signage project a complete go.


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