Cubs Rumors: Javier Baez Set To Be Promoted?

The Chicago Cubs have a wealth of infield talent to work with both in the bigs and at AAA Des Moines, and it's looking one of the odd men out of the Major League puzzle could be back with the Cubs sometime soon.

Here's FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal (via MLB Trade Rumors' paraphrasing) with the report:

Cubs second base prospect Javier Baez is on an 11-for-22 streak, leading to speculation that he could be promoted. The easiest way to insert him into the lineup would be to move Kris Bryant to the outfield and Baez to third. Since the club is juggling several important future pieces, they’ll want to be careful about how they handle the logjam.

As stated, the Chicago Cubs are going to have to balance young egos and present-day success in working out the infield. However, Baez's resurgence could easilt land him in the big club's starting lineup regardless.

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