Cubs Rumors: Cubs owners to sell minority shares of the franchise?

This next bit of Cubs rumors may come off as shocking at first, but could end up being a winning proposition for all Chicago Cubs fans who frequent the friendly confines of Wrigley Field.

Per Patrick Mooney of CSN Chicago, "the Cubs are exploring the idea of selling minority ownership shares as a way to help finance the stadium renovation, according to multiple sources within Chicago’s business community."

Mooney is looking to raise in the neighborhood of $500 million for what is being termed as the "Wrigleyville project," which would boast a brand-new hotel right across from the legendary Wrigley Field marquee.

Part of the hold-up on construction of the Wrigleyville project is attributed to rooftop owners who are "clinging to a revenue-sharing agreement with the team that runs through 2023 and trying to block the Jumbotron" which would be a key addition for the project.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is rumored to be very nervous about the situation, as the rooftop owners, or "roofies" as they are referred to, already put a halt to construction this past offseason.

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