Cubs Rumors: Chicago out on Cole Hamels, other pricey veteran starters?

The Chicago Cubs broke the bank when they landed veteran lefty Jon Lester on a six-year, $155 million deal earlier this month - a contract that also includes a $25 million option in the seventh year (2021) complete with a $10 million buyout.

With so much money invested in one top-of-the-rotation starter, Peter Gammons wrote recently that the Cubs are likely out on a trade for Cole Hamels and don't appear willing to target any of the other pricey veteran starters currently populating both the trade and free-agent markets:

Don’t expect the Cubs to have two $20+M pitchers in their thirties, especially when the second one also would cost prized prospects, who have tremendous value.

This shouldn't come as a shock, with Theo Epstein having said on several occasions this offseason that he was unwilling to invest in two big-money veteran free agents heading into 2015.

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