Cubs Rumors: Chicago Signs First-Round Pick Ian Happ For $3 Million

The Chicago Cubs have signed first-round pick Ian Happ to a $3 million deal, according to's Jim Callis.

Happ is mostly an outfielder, but did play second base at the University of Cincinnati, and the Cubs plan to play him in the infield, according to MLB Trade Rumors:

There’s some debate as to whether Happ’s eventual home will be in the outfield grass or on the infield dirt, which likely contributed to the slight gap in the listed rankings. [Keith] Law calls second base Happ’s likely position, and McDaniel, too, notes that he has the potential to play there. The and BA scouting reports note that a corner outfield spot — likely left, due to lack of arm strength — is a likelier outcome, so it’s not a surprise to see him rank a bit further down those lists.

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