Cubs News: Would the Cubs possibly extend contract for Samardzija?

In Cubs news tonight, there are a lot of varying theories about what the Chicago Cubs should do with ace pitch Jeff Samardzija in the middle of a painstaking rebuilding process.

With many different MLB experts projecting that Samardzija will be dealt before July's trade deadline, the Cubs have remained adamant that they could hold on to him regardless of the hype.

Garrett Filson of Cubbies Crib pondered the idea of the Cubs keeping the coveted pitcher in a post on Saturday afternoon: "we can’t just ignore this possibility, as the Cubs don’t have to deal Shark, with a season-and-a-half left on his current deal. We all know Theo and Jed will hold out on dealing him until they receive that over-the-top offer to get exactly what they want."

Filson, however, remains cautious about this kind of move. The Cubs, coming into the season, were unsure of whether or not Samardzija could finally take on the load of a front-of-the-rotation starter.

The small sample size in which Samardzija has done so could be deceiving, but it will be up to the Cubs to decide whether or not the value lies in trading him or building around him in the rotation.


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