Cubs News: New Bleachers Opened At Wrigley Field

The new Wrigley Field bleachers in left and center field finally opened for business on Monday, and Chicago Cubs fans soaked in the bleacher bum awesomeness right away.

It's the best place to party,” season-ticket holder Jeff Gorski said, via the Chicago Tribune. “It's not stale like the grandstands. It's the place to be. (And) I like to heckle so ...”

The fans weren't the only ones excited.

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“I am excited and I am sure (the fans) are too,” Cubs pitcher James Russell said. “I just remember all the fun people have out there. Just pounding beers and yelling at whatever left fielder is out there.”

The original bleachers were opened in 1937, and the latest renovations (which increased capacity by 500) are the most significant yet.

“I like it ... looks good so far,” Cubs fan Bob Radek offered. “I like this whole area up here (in center). Lot more room up here and a lot more room on the concourse too.”

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