Bulls News: Taj Gibson Happy With Ankle Rehab

Chicago Bulls forward Taj Gibson said that he played through a torn ligament in his ankle last season and, following surgery, is on schedule to return in an estimated four-month timeframe: 

"When (the doctor) finally went in during surgery, he was astounded how I was able to still play," Gibson said early Saturday. "He said he never knew anybody who could play through so much pain. I just thought it was normal. He was surprised I was even able to run or lift off it. That’s how bad it was. But he did a great job. I was just blessed. The way they were all talking during the surgery and after the rehab, I’m lucky and optimistic."

Gibson said he wants to start training camp with the team in late September but doctors, trainers, coaches, and the Bulls front office are using a cautious approach:

"The crazy part about it is (executive vice president) John Paxson came into the training camp and showed me the same exact surgery," Gibson said. "It was like they tighten and really reconstructed the ligament. The ligament was completely torn off. So far, it’s been stiff and really tight. I really can’t turn it. Plus, I wear a better ankle support now.

"The whole point is getting it stronger. The doctors said with more reps and running, it will get stronger. I’ve been doing mostly one-on-one and cutting off it. They’ve been slowing my progress. They don’t want me to rush. I’m in good shape but I’m doing what the doctor tells me to do. The doctor told I’m ahead of schedule. But he wants me to still be cautious and take my time."

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