What the?! Jordan's Last Game Winner As A Bull Wins The '98 Finals

As part of the Chat Sports What the?! series, we're highlighting the most memorable moments in sports history. This comes in as one of the greatest shots in NBA history.

Who: Michael Jordan

What: Bulls vs. Jazz - Game 6

Where: Delta Center: Salt Lake City, Utah

When: June 14, 1998

What the?!

- Bulls win their 6th championship in 8 years

- Highest TV rankings all-time for an NBA game

- Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson's last game with Chicago

Bob Costas called the final seconds:

Jordan with 43. Malone is doubled. They swat at him and steal it! Here comes Chicago. 17 seconds. 17 seconds, from Game 7, or from championship #6. Jordan, open, CHICAGO WITH THE LEAD! Timeout Utah, 5.2 seconds left. Michael Jordan, running on fumes, with 45 points.


Did you know?

Jay-Z references this moment in his hit with Kanye West

"Ball so hard. Take your pick, Jackson, Tyson, Jordan, Game 6"

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