Videos - Will Derrick Rose dethrone Michael Jordan as the Bulls greatest player ever?

Without a doubt, Michael Jordan is the best basketball player ever.  But, you have to wonder, does Derrick Rose have the potential to challenge both Jordan's talent and his 6 NBA championship rings?  Derrick Rose has incendiary speed, world class ball control, and explosive power when he attacks the rim.  So I propose the question: in 15 years, will the world still consider Michael Jordan the best player in Bulls/NBA history?  Based on some of these highlights below it seems reasonable that Derrick Rose could dethrone Michael Jordan as the best NBA history.  Fans, lets here what you have to say!  Do you think I am on the right track?  Or are Michael Jordan's accomplishments as a Bull virtually untouchable?


Crazy Derrick Rose Ally Oop

Massive Derrick Rose slam

10 amazing Derrick Rose plays

The science behind Derrick Rose

Amazing Michael Jordan dunk. Do you think Derrick Rose can touch this?

Some amazing Michael Jordan moments

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