Video - Bulls too much for Heat

Over the past serval weeks many have questioned the Bulls talent, and predicted that the #1 team in the NBA Eastern conference would face an early exit from the 2011 playoffs. However despite the lack of faith, the Bulls have proven they have well established team.  To Help solidify their status as an elite NBA team, someone other than Derrick Rose (Taj Gibson) gave the bulls momentum to pull out a win over the second seeded Miami Heat. In the third quarter, Taj through down a vicious dunk over Dwyane Wade. After this monstrous play, the Bulls were able to put their foot down and close out the Heat. Check out Taj's huge dunk over D-Wade, and some other Game 1 highlights, and let us know how you think the Heat will respond to the Bulls shellacking. Do you think the Heat will come back strong in Game 2? Or are the Bulls just too much for the Heat to handle? Let us know what you think!

Taj-Gibson dunk on Dwade

Game 1 Bulls vs Heat

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