Chicago Bulls News: More Players That The Team Can Target To Fill Roster

Many popular free agents may have already been taken in the NBA but there are still some quality ones that Chicago Bulls can get to settle for.

The team needs to sign up a couple more to fill their roster. They lack some cap space which can only lead to one thing and that is offering a player just a minimum contract. It can make sense for the Bulls to add some shooting guard to play right behind Tony Snell or Jimmy Butler.

So here are some of those free agents they can still get:

Andrew Goudelock

There is a huge possibility for this player to make it to their roster since he is currently a part of the Summer League Squard. This 6’3” guard was so impressive having scored 26 points right on the shooting field. He also scored a career high of 20 points for the LA Lakers the previous season.

Elton Brand

The roster includes three previous Duke stars and it can be possible to make it four with Elton Brand. When this happens along with other Duke stars like Carlos Boozer, Dunleavy and Luol Deng, maybe the Bulls can start changing their name to Windy City Blue Devils.

Other available players still left that the Bulls can consider include Cole Aldrich and Metta World Peace.

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