UNITED WE RISE: This New Blackhawks Hype Video Will Reignite The Fire

The Chicago Blackhawks are a modern dynasty through and through, and it's time for us to rise as one and give credit where credit is due. No hockey team in the past decade or so can claim the type of success this Blackhawks team has had, and no team can boast the type of longevity which will propel this team to even greater heights as the years go on.

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Blackhawks hockey has raised the bar for the entire NHL. Chicago has struggled out of the gate in 2015-16, but that's just another challenge this team is bound to overcome.

To reignite the fire in your fandom heart and get you ready for the team's return to hockey glory, we decided to share this amazing new hype video courtesy of YouTube user Kasia Williams.

Enjoy it and GO BLACKHAWKS!

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