How Long Before Justin Fields Takes Over At QB For The Bears

The new Chicago Bears draft pick Justin Fields had his stars aligned years before coming to the NFL. He was picked by the Bears as the #1 pick this season, with the Chicago team trading up to select him. That’s how strongly they believed in his qualities, which were already on full display before the draft.

A Heisman Trophy finalist a couple of years ago, Fields is an incredible talent. He’s set to take the league by storm in the next couple of years, with many touting him as the Bears’ starting quarterback. He’s yet to make a single appearance in an official NFL match, but if experts are to be believed, he’ll make his first QB start early in the season.

Numerous Accolades in College Football
When Fields joined the Bears as the first pick on the draft, a log jam was created in Chicago. The team already had Nick Foles and Andy Dalton, so it was initially unclear how Fields will fit in. However, the Bears traded up to get him, so they wouldn’t waste his talent by putting him on the bench.

Right after the new NFL season begins, coach Matt Nagy said that Fields will initially serve as a backup QB to Dalton. Nick Foles will be the 3rd choice, and according to NFL experts, this says a lot. It shows that the Bears are already sold on Fields after putting Foles, a veteran in the league, a position beneath him.

The Chicago Bears have struggled to get consistent production out of their QBs in recent years, and Fields may be exactly what they need. Any betting app will tell you that Justin Fields is in the running for the Rookie of the Year award, and many are pretty adamant that he’s the player who should get it.

It’s clear that the kid is a great QB prospect. He’s fast, agile, he’s smart, and has the confidence of a quarterback that’s been in the NFL for years. Fields is poised to have a great career in the NFL, and Bears fans are hoping that he spends it in Chicago.

Still Not a Favorite
You won’t find the Bears on the list of favorites to win the championship this year. Their odds are somewhere in the +6600 range which is simply too much of a long shot. However, if Fields nabs the starting QB position and plays to the best of his abilities, the Bears can be trouble. Of course, not championship-level trouble, but with a bit of luck, nothing is out of the question.

No one but Trevor Lawrence is currently ahead of Justin Fields for the Rookie of the Year award. It would help Fields’ case a lot if he were to get the starting QB job ahead of Andy Dalton, although that’s not to be expected until later this year.

Or if he impresses sooner, and Fields has the quality to do it. The Bears have picked right this time around, and if they hand the QB reigns to Fields, he might become a new icon.

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