Chicago Bears UDFA Tracker: Here Are All The UDFAs The Bears Have Signed After The 2021 NFL Draft

The 2020 NFL Draft is over, but the Chicago Bears didn’t stop adding players after 7 rounds of the draft. The Bears signed numerous undrafted free agents this year, hoping a couple of them could end up being the next great UDFA in the NFL. While that’s a longshot, the Bears have found quality UDFAs in the past including Roy Robertson-Harris, Josh Woods and Artavis Pierce as recently as last year.. With that in mind, here’s a breakdown of all the Bears’ UDFAs for 2021 per the latest Chicago Bears news reports.

Bears UDFA Signings are headlined by Charles Snowden. Snowden is an edge rusher out of Virginia and had 11 sacks over the past 2 seasons. Other Bears undrafted free agents include CJ Marable, Scooter Harrington, Khalil McClain, Dareuan Parker, Gunnar Vogel, Gage Cervenka, Caleb Johnson, Sam Kamara, Thomas Schaffer, Daniel Archibong and Dionte Ruffin.

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Bears UDFA Tracker currently has 12 players, but Chicago will likely add more. Chicago Bears Now host Harrison Graham gives you insight on all the new Bears players and which ones have the best chance to make the Bears’ 53-man roster or at least the Bears practice squad. 

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Here’s the Bears UDFA Tracker (so far) with all of the latest Bears News:
CJ Marable (RB, Coastal Carolina)
Khalil McClain (WR, Troy)
Scooter Harrington (TE, Stanford)
Dareun Parker (OL, Mississippi State)
Gunnar Vogel (OL, Northwestern)
Gage Cervenka (OL, Clemson)
Charles Snowden (EDGE, Virginia)
Thomas Schaffer (DL, Stanford)
Sam Kamara (DL, Stony Brook)
Daniel Archibong (DL, Temple)
Caleb Johnson (LB, Houston Baptist)
Dionte Ruffin (CB, Western Kentucky)

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