Chicago Bears Draft: Mel Kiper's Draft Grade For The Bears + News On Ted Ginn

Mel Kiper has released his 2020 NFL Draft grades for all 32 NFL teams including the Chicago Bears. He gave the Bears a C+ grade for this year’s draft class. Kiper liked the Bears Round 2 picks of Cole Kmet & Jaylon Johnson, but didn’t like the Bears’ Day 3 draft picks. Do you agree with Kiper handing the Bears a C+ grade for their NFL Draft? Chicago Bears Now host Harrison Graham gives his thoughts on Kiper’s draft grades + the news of the Bears signing Tedd Ginn Jr. to a 1-year deal in today’s video.

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Ted Ginn Jr. has agreed to a one-year contract with the Chicago Bears. Ginn has spent the past 3 seasons with the Saints and still offers some speed at WR. OL was a major need for the Bears, but they didn’t draft an Offensive Lineman until Round 7 when they selected Arlington Hambright & Lachavious Simmons. In Round 5, the Bears selected Trevis Gipson, Darnell Mooney and Kindle Vildor. Mel Kiper Jr. was not a fan of the Bears picks on Day 3 of the NFL Draft.

Cole Kmet and Jaylon Johnson should be immediate contributors, if not starters, for the Chicago Bears in 2020. Mel Kiper liked those selections of the Bears, but thought they could have drafted better in the latter part of the NFL Draft.

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