The Top 3 Chicago Bears Storylines For 2015

The 2015 NFL season is less than three months away, and there's plenty of intrigue to spare surrounding the Chicago Bears as the days tick down. Here's our list of The Top 3 Chicago Bears Storylines For 2015.

1. Year One Of The John Fox Era

All accounts from the team's various camp and off-field activities place the first months of John Fox's tenure as Bears head coach as a success. However, Chicago fans are notoriously known for holding coaches to an extremely high standard befitting of the lore of the franchise. It'll be interesting to see just how year one unfolds for the former Panthers/Broncos boss and whether or not we're just in a honeymoon period right now.

2. Kevin White, Come On Down

Alshon Jeffery is likely (and deservedly) the #1 receiver right now, but first-round draft pick Kevin White is the unquestioned future face of the team's wideout corps. He's got every physical gift you want out of a wide receiver, plus he's humble to boot. 2015 is about seeing just what the Bears have in him and beginning to adjust accordingly.

3. Can Jay Cutler Bounce Back?

Cutler gets a bad rap for his interception counts, especially when several of his picks last year came as a result of bad route running and/or stellar plays by members of opposing secondaries. The fact remains, though, that Cutler now has a stigma attached to him that only pure performance and wins can shake off. If he can provide both those things in 2015, he could easily slot himself back amongst the NFL's elite at the quarterback position.

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