New Nike NFL Uniforms (Pictures)

The NFL released today the long anticipated new Nike jerseys, in what can be summed up in one word: disappointing.  Many fans and players were anticipating new and radically different uniforms that would be more similar to the flashy Pro Combat designs that Oregon wears.  But to the dismay of manny, the uniforms are relatively unchanged.

The real differences in the designs of the jerseys is within the fabric and the neck lining. The Jerseys are considered to be lighter than the old Reebok uniforms, and they supposedly retail less water than the Reebok jerseys as well.

In the neck, Nike implemented their Flywire technology, which looks cool more than anything else.  The one silver lining with these new uniforms is that Nike brings their team logo gloves that have made popular at schools like Oregon, Alabama and LSU.

Take a look for yourself, do you think these uniforms are a serious improvement or are they just more of a monetary deal?  Below are just a few of the jerseys with the biggest changes from last year.

Chicago Bears

Seattle Seahawks

San Diego Chargers

Miami Dolphins

Jacksonville Jaguars

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