Jay Cutler needs to take responsibility for the Bears offense

As the Bears ready to face the Cowboys on Monday Night Football, the most polarizing figure on the Chicago Bears this season continues to be the much maligned Jay Cutler.  Love him or hate him Cutler's every move on and off the field is being criticized by fans and media alike.

He either shows too much emotion or not enough to please the loyal Chicago fan base.

During the playoff loss to the Packers two seasons ago Cutler's seemingly indifferent behavior on the sideline angered fans and players alike. This season fans were stunned when he got in the face of and shoved offensive lineman J'Marcus Webb during last Thursday's loss to the Packers.

The problem is fans don't know which Cutler they are going to see from week to week, and that makes believing in your starter a challenge. If he would just be consistent, and show that same intensity every game then there wouldn't be a problem. Because fans would know that's Cutler, and not wonder if this same guy is going to be around in a week.

What fans want is the perfect quarterback, but what they need is one who isn't afraid to call out his teammates when he has too, but also knows when to let it go.

However, the problem that seems to bug media and fans the most is his inability to take responsibility for his poor play. As a leader Cutler needs to prove that he is willing to take the blame. Webb doesn't need pressure, he needs to block somebody.

When things go wrong Cutler has to, as quarterback, shoulder that responsibility. Payton Manning didn't shy away from getting in his teammates faces after a play, but after every game it was Manning who took responsibility for his play.

Also, Cutler's play needs just as much improvement as his behavior does. He can be a top 10 quarterback in this league when he wants to be, but so far this season his total quarterback has been awful. After three games he has a QBR of 3, above only Tampa Bay's Josh Freeman and Cleveland's old rookie Brandon Weeden.

That's not a group that a player of his caliber should ever be in. While some of that can certainly be blamed on the offensive line, there is enough blame to go around. Four interceptions against Green Bay can't all be the line's fault, and Cutler should take responsibility for making bad throws.

This Bears offense was tailor made around him, and now with Brandon Marshall it should be one of the best offensive the Chicago has seen in years. The team, and the rest of Chicago want to see a quarterback take the field ready to lead them to victory, and if need be lead them in defeat.

Right now Cutler's biggest enemy is himself.  He will never be able please all of the fans all of the time, but to show that he can take the heat will go a long way in proving himself to Chicago. There will always be critics, but the best way to keep them quiet is to win.

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