Instant Reaction: Carolina Comes Back to Beat Chicago 31-24

Chicago dominated the Panthers in the first half, but a late touchdown by Carolina cut the Bears' lead to seven at the break.

Halftime Quick Hitters: Bears Lead Panthers 21-14

Cam Newton marched the Panthers down the field on their first of the second half to tie the game, and the teams matched field goals until Cam Newton found Greg Olsen in the end zone with just over two minutes left to go in the game.

Turning Point: Tied at 24 with under five minutes to play, Carolina stripped Chicago running Matt Forte and recovered the ball, turning it over to Cam Newton and the Panther offense just outside the red zone.

Key Stat: The Bears turned the ball over four times, including three on their last three drives of the game that put Carolina in position to tie and then win the game.

Chicago MVP: Matt Forte has developed a reputation as one of the best receiving running backs in the NFL, and the Bears utilized that skill to its fullest extent. Despite his late fumble, he was still the best player on the field this afternoon. Forte caught 12 passes for 105 yards and a touchdown, along with 17 carries for 61 yards on the ground.

Carolina MVP: The Panthers defense has been their calling card in the franchise's recent turn around, and they were able to keep Carolina in the game today. They forced three Bear turnovers, including two late in the fourth quarter, that ultimately put Carolina over the top.

What’s Next? Chicago drops to 2-3 on the year, and face another tough road game against the Falcons next weekend. Carolina snaps a two game losing streak to get to 3-2, but travel to face an undefeated Bengals squad next Sunday.

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