Chicago Bears Rumors: Will The Bears Draft Zach Ertz?

Updated 1/22/2013 at 10:30am ET

After a strong season and a near entrance to the playoffs, the Chicago Bears and looking to retool and their offense so that Jay Cutler has more weapons in 2013.

One of the biggest needs the Bears have on offense is that of a Tight End.

When the Chicago Bears traded away Greg Olson to the Carolina Panthers, they subsequently traded away one of Jay Cutler's favorite weapons on offense.

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Assuming the Bears go out and get a tight end this offseason, there are not many options for them at the trading block or via free agency. But if they are to look towards the draft, their might just be the perfect guy waiting for them.

Zach Ertz from Stanford is an outstanding mobile TE who could really be the offensive threat that the Bears are looking for. Ertz broke all kids of Stanford TE records while on campus and seems to be the most promising TE prospect in the draft.

So if the Bears are genuinely looking to bolster their offense they need to make every effort possible and draft Ertz so that Cutler can have more offense weapons.

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