Chicago Bears News: Top Things To Learn About The Bears This Offseason

The Chicago Bears wrapped up their first offseason with new head coach Marc Trestman along with the second offseason of GM Phil Emery. The entire team is beginning to start off with a new identity and gradually seeing the vision that Phil Emery has for the Bears.

First off, the new sheriffs in town like Marc Trestman and Phil Emery are definitely working their best to reshape the team according to what they are envisioning. Second, the team is ever so committed to protect Jay Cutler. They have certainly tried to make better of their offensive line since the arrival of Cutler in town.

The two new heads have also put a lot of importance on the team’s speed. They can be quite passionate with measurable and numbers. Hence, speed is not just seen with the players of the Bears but also with their heads. Everything is set on high tempo this time around. The defense line won’t have much change making all the fans expect to follow their usual blueprint.

Above all, one must think that the Chicago Bears is Cutler’s team for now. How about you? Can you share some of your learnings about the Bears this offseason?

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