Chicago Bears Coaching Rumors: Marc Trestman and Darrell Bevell are the finallists for the Bears Head Coaching Position

Updated 1/15/2013 11:30am ET

It has been more than two weeks now since the Bears have fired Lovie Smith, and rumor has it that the Bears are very close to naming Lovie's replacement.

The two leading candidates for the Bears head coaching positon are Montreal Alouettes head coach, Marc Trestman, and Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator, Darrell Bevell.

Both candidates have been interviewed once and are being brought back for a second interview.

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The Bears have expressed significant interest in both of these candidates because they both run a version of the West Coast offense. This offensive scheme is desirable to the Bears because their quarterback, Jay Cutler, ran this offense in Denver and would be very comfortable if the Bears were to retool their offense with this system.

Trestman was thought last week to already have the coaching job, but the Bears have become very high on Bevell as he has shown his skills advance with the Seahawks in the postseason.

Look for an announcement later this week as the Bears narrow down their head coaching position between these two strong candidates.


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