Panthers CB Josh Norman Wants Colts To Target T.Y. Hilton

Carolina Panthers star cornerback Josh Norman will likely cover Indianapolis Colts WR T.Y. Hilton for much of the Panthers-Colts game this weekend, and Norman wants the Colts to throw at him.

Teams have stayed away from Norman in recent weeks, as the Philadelphia Eagles and Seattle Seahawks targeted him a combined three times. They've done so for good reason, as the Norman picked off four passes and returned two of them for touchdowns in the first four games. Norman told ESPN he would prefer teams target him so he can make more plays. 

"I can’t reach my goal without being thrown to," Norman told ESPN. "I’m trying to be the best corner. I’m trying to be the defensive player of the year. Shoot, I’m trying to have the most interceptions."

The Colts often target Hilton, as he's averaging nearly 11 targets per game. Norman expects more of the same this week. 

"I don’t see why he wouldn’t come at me," Norman said. "T.Y. had like 12 targets a game. I don’t see them taking that away from what they do."

Norman wouldn't reveal if the Panthers' game plan would match him up against Hilton the entire game, or just most of the game. 

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