3 Potential Draft Day Trades The Panthers Could Make

The 2017 NFL Draft will start in just a few days, and there will be plenty of trades. That's just the nature of the draft, although those trades are very difficult to predict. One team that could make some noise is the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers and GM Dave Gettleman have already made one draft trade and might not be done yet. 

To help determine the value of each pick and what it would cost, we're using the NFL trade value chart. While the trade values won't match up exactly, we tried to get them as close to even as possible. With that in mind, here are three trades the Panthers could make in the NFL Draft

3. Trade Up In Round 3
Seahawks Get:
 3rd round pick (No. 98 overall) and 5th round pick (No. 152 overall)
Panthers Get: 3rd round pick (No. 92 overall) 

The Panthers move to trade Kony Ealy and slide up eight spots from the third to second round is a sign they're looking to be aggressive in the draft and add impact players. They can do a similar move in the third round. Seattle has three third round picks, but lack a fourth and a fifth rounder. Moving down allows them to get an extra fifth, while the Panthers can move up to land a top target. In a quality draft class, there could be a second round or high-end third round talent the Panthers want to snag in the third. It balances well in the NFL Trade Value Chart. 

2. Trade Down In Round One
Cardinals Get:
No. 8 overall 
Panthers Get: No. 13 overall and 3rd round pick (No. 77 overall)

There has been buzz the Cardinals could try to trade up to secure one of the top QBs this year. The Bills, Browns and Saints could all take the QB the Cardinals and moving up with the Panthers would allow Arizona to land that QB. Getting that extra third would give Carolina five Top 100 picks. Plus, if the Panthers do want to take Christian McCaffrey, they're still ahead of the Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts. So, they'd get an extra pick and still, in theory, land their man. 

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1. Trade Up With The 49ers
49ers Get: No. 8 overall and 2nd round pick (No. 40 overall)
Panthers Get: No. 2 overall 

This one has already been rumored, with the Panthers focusing on either Solomon Thomas or Leonard Fournette (likely the former). The value chart suggests the 49ers should get both the Panthers second round picks, their late 3rd rounder and at least one early future pick as well. But since a QB won't be involved, a more realistic trade could look similar to the one we saw a few years ago involving the Dolphins and Raiders. Back in 2013, the Dolphins shipped off the No. 12 and No. 42 overall picks to the Raiders for No. 3 overall. So, perhaps the Niners would take a discount and pick up an extra top 50 pick in the process. 

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