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FlamesNation prospect update: Wolf chasing the shutout record

If you want something to root for in regards to the Calgary Flames, it might be Dustin Wolf. The precotious puck-stopper registered his 24th career WHL shutout this past week. The all-time record is 26. He’s got a realistic shot at the record, but the clock is ticking.

It’s time for our weekly check-in on the non-NHL kids.

In case you missed it:

  • Last week’s update
  • Done for the season are Jake Boltmann (NCAA), Daniil Chechelev (MHL), Lucas Feuk (HockeyEttan), Demetrios Koumontzis (NCAA), Mitchell Mattson (NCAA), Josh Nodler (NCAA), Filip Sveningsson (HockeyAllsvenskan), Johannes Kinnvall (SHL), Emil Heineman (SHL) and Ilya Nikolayev (MHL)
  • Glenn Gawdin and Connor Mackey were called up to Calgary’s taxi squad.