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FlamesNation prospect update: winding down

The bizarre 2020-21 season is beginning to wind down for a lot of Calgary Flames prospects.

It’s time for our weekly check-in on the non-NHL kids.

In case you missed it:

  • Last week’s update
  • Done for the season are Jake Boltmann (NCAA), Daniil Chechelev (MHL), Lucas Feuk (HockeyEttan), Demetrios Koumontzis (NCAA), Mitchell Mattson (NCAA), Josh Nodler (NCAA), Filip Sveningsson (HockeyAllsvenskan), Johannes Kinnvall (SHL) and Emil Heineman (SHL)
  • The WHL announced they won’t have playoffs. They end in mid-May, so timelines likely wouldn’t work for Connor Zary or Dustin Wolf to join the Flames or rejoin the Heat.