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FlamesNation Mailbag: Fun-lympics

The Summer Olympics have come and gone, and next up for the Olympic cycle is the 2022 games in Beijing… in February. As life continues to whoosh by at break-neck speed, let’s ponder life’s mysteries in the most fun way possible: the weekly FlamesNation mailbag.

Let’s get at it!

Do you know what the plan is for Emil Heineman? What type of player is he? Do you think he has a legitimate shot at being an NHL player?

— Ring of Fire CGY (@RingOfFireCGY) August 8, 2021

Scouting pal Tony Ferrari, formerly of Dobber Prospects, described Heineman earlier this year in this manner:

Heineman is a very good shooter and he brings a high-level motor with a willingness to bang along the boards.