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Gordon Monson: When Kyle Whittingham is done at Utah, a coach-in-waiting is there to replace him

If you, like a lot of other people, don’t enthusiastically endorse the notion of a head coach-in-waiting, there are exceptions to almost everything.

That’s why his contract as defensive coordinator on Monday was amended, enriched, extended, enlarged, pick your verb. The 40-year-old Utah lifer is in position to succeed Kyle Whittingham when the longtime Utes coach decides he’s made enough money, taken enough satisfaction out of, poured enough of himself into Utah football.

“I’m grateful to be in this position, and fully committed to the Utah Football Family,” Scalley said.

He fits nicely in that frame, his only disadvantage being that he’s never before run his own program, and there are those who might rightly concern themselves over that lack of experience.