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Six meals a day, 21,600 CALORIES and a whole packet of Oreos in 24 hours: YouTube vlogger tries to 'survive' eating an NFL star's diet... so could YOU manage it?

The remarkable diet required to fuel a career in the NFL has been laid bare by a food vlogger who 'survived' eating like JJ Watt for 24 hours.

ErikTheElectric, who has amassed nearly 3million subscribers taking on eating challenges on Youtube, ate 21,620 calories in less than a day.

It came after NFL defensive end turned Burnley minority-owner JJ Watt revealed his daily routine of two breakfasts, two lunches, two dinners - and even his three cheat meals.

The Youtuber decided to take them all on in one day, a challenge which involved a vast array of foods including 10 eggs, broccoli, beef brisket and potato pancake.