The 5 Toughest QBs The Bills Will Face In 2015

The Buffalo Bills are tasked with a major challenge in 2015 when it comes to the opposing quarterbacks they'll square off with during the regular season. Here's our list of The 5 Toughest QBs The Bills Will Face In 2015.

5. Marcus Mariota (October 11th)

We're not necesarily including the Titans rookie for what he's likely to do in month two of his first year. We're including him more because he presents a very unique hybrid of mobility and game management that the Bills haven't yet seen in the middle of game action.

4. Eli Manning (October 4th)

Before you sneer, Manning led a Giants offense last season that finished in the top-ten in total offense while its running game sputtered through protracted bouts of inconsistency. Yes he's turnover prone at this stage of his career, but the Manning/Odell Beckham Jr. connection is going to be one heck of a tall task to contend with.

3. Tony Romo (December 27th)

Romo just gets better and more refined in his decision-making processes with age. Losing DeMarco Murray as a workhorse in the backfield will be a blow, but Romo will forever be a talented gunslinger who can kill you on any given day when he's in the zone.

2. Tom Brady (November 23rd)

We all know Brady's resume, but can we all share a laugh as to just why the Bills will only face him ONCE in the regular season? Somewhere Rex Ryan is smiling.

1. Andrew Luck (September 13th)

Andrew Luck is the type of near-perfect quarterback that'd still make you shake your head if you created him in Madden. With additional weapons like Frank Gore and Andre Johnson at his disposal, the Colts signal caller may be on his way to one of the most impressive single-season efforts in NFL history. This will be Week 1 of his quest to do just that.

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