Buffalo Bills Rumors: Will the Bills Drop Ryan Fitzpatrick and Draft Matt Barkley?

Updated 12/26/12 9:25am ET

As the Buffalo Bills fall farther and farther away from a playoff birth, rumors are starting to swirl as to what the Bills are going to do to shake up the roster for next season.

The immediate first reaction reaction is to look at QB Ryan Fitzpatrick and decide whether or not to keep him.

The Bills with Fitzpatrick have shown some brief signs of life, but in three years with the team the Bills have yet to make a playoff run.

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Additionally, if the Bills do cut Fitzpatrick before the 3013 season they would save $450,000 on their salary cap hit.

Assuming that the Bills are looking for their QB of the future, the draft is probably their best option. The Bills have 5 wins this season and should finish the season with 6 after next weekends game against the Jets. Therefore, the Bills should draft in the top 12 picks.

In all likelihood Geno Smith will go in the top 5 of the draft, therefore the Bills next best option is USC's Matt Barkley.

Barkley fits the ideal QB prototype, he is big, strong and has a very accurate arm. IT might take Barkley a year or two to get accusomed to NFL speed, but he would be a strong replacement for Fitzpatrick at the helm of the Bills offense.

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