Buffalo Bills News: Doug Marrone Aims To Bring In Success For The Team

It will not take long before the entire team of the Buffalo Bills get to be well adjusted to their new coach, Doug Marrone. One reason is that Marrone is a former coach at the Syracuse and understands how it feels to be feeling left out in the cold. He shared this feeling that he went through to the fans during an offseason event.

His very first task is to put in some change to the franchise’s culture that has gone through eight long and losing consecutive seasons. It also has not reached the playoffs since last 1999 season.

Marrone said that his goal for himself as coach is to improve their level of competition once the pads are put on since rules can open them up to do more and better things. As long as he is involved, more activities mean more points. He is as just as happy that everyone in the Buffalo Bills especially the star players are buying in.

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