Buffalo Bills Breaking News: Will Stevie Johnson Reach A 1,000 Yard Mark?

For the last three years, Stevie Johnson of the Buffalo Bills has been consistent with showing much of what he can do and this year, similarly is expected of him to show. He has been able to get on the best opposing corner and has been a major help and contribution to the whole team.

If there will be any obvious reason for this year is the quarterback. Who do you think will it be? There are some guesses that it might be Kevin Kolb or even EJ Manuel. Whoever may end up to be one, what matters is the he can be able to hit the open receivers and also land a long ball more importantly.

From all his stats, one can see how much Stevie has done a good part of his job. He has been able to attract more attention and to achieve another 1,000 yard mark for this season after having achieved it for two consecutive seasons is already a great accomplishment.

As we all wait for a brand new season to begin, we shall only guess that Johnson continues on with this goal right into another season. We can all only do so much and that is to wait for now to see what will happen next.

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