The 5 Best Buffalo Bills Fantasy Football Team Names

What's the hardest thing about playing fantasy football? For us, it's not drafting, waiver wire pickups or throwing chairs at the wall when we bench the wrong guy. It's picking a freaking awesome team name. However, we've finally settled on some solutions to all of this. Here are the five best Buffalo Bills team names we could come up with:

Going Incognito

This name doesn't have much meaning other than Richie Incognito plays for the Bills and his name sounds cool.

The Real Slim Shady's

Perfect way to welcome LeSean "Shady" McCoy to Buffalo!

Truth Or Dareus

Marcell Dareus has proven to be the truth in his NFL career, and your opposition is stupid for daring to go against him.

Flutie And The Blowfish

Doug Flutie has been retired for some time now, but he still is one of the best players in franchise history.

Don't Stop Billievin'

A Buffalo twist to the classic Journey song.

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