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Brooklyn Nets schedule: It’s Kevin Durant’s turn to lead

The schedule heats up this week for the Brooklyn Nets with four games, two of which are road games against Eastern Conference contenders — the Philadelphia 76ers and Miami Heat.

Brooklyn is going to be shorthanded (surprise, surprise) as James Harden continues to nurse a hamstring strain and Kyrie Irving steps away from the team for personal reasons. That means Kevin Durant is the leading man for the time being.

Eastern Conference Standings

Here is what the Eastern Conference standings look like as of Monday morning:

  1. Philadelphia 76ers (36-17)
  2. Brooklyn Nets (36-17)
  3. Milwaukee Bucks (32-20)
  4. Atlanta Hawks (29-25)
  5. Miami Heat (28-25)
  6. Charlotte Hornets (27-25)
  7. Boston Celtics (28-26)
  8. New York Knicks (27-27)
  9. Indiana Pacers (24-27)
  10. Chicago Bulls (22-30)

Note: Seeds 7-10 will play in a play-in tournament to determine the seventh and eighth seeds.